Czech translation nad language

Translate a Czech page by Google

Please write an URL of a Czech web page with http://... prefix
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   You can also use Google to translate whole web page to English. Simply find page on Google and click Translate page.

Translate a Czech text or phrase by Google

   Czech version of Google translator provides automatic translation of Czech text to English and other languages. Result of the translation can be used to understand meaning of Czech text.

Translate Czech word to English by Seznam Dictionary

   Seznam Slovník is a web translation page with English, German, French Italian, Spain and Russian translation and dictionary to/from Czech language. Seznam slovnik has pronunciation of some English words, but not Czech words. It has also only Czech interface. (dictionary)

   Slovnik "Dictionary" has a better English interface with English, German, French Italian, Spain, Russian and Latin dictionary version.

More about Czech language

   Czech language on Wikipedia.

   Local Lingo A site that helps you learn Czech.

   Czech language web site, alphabet, pronunciation, web encoding, specialities.

Czech language on computers, code page

   Most of Czech web pages are written in Windows-1250 charset, because this is former charset of Czech version of Windows.