Google maps - Czech republic

   Google maps is the good web site to find a place in Czech republic, you can find city and streets in the city, but Google maps does not have a database with exact street number. You can find street (Vinohradska, Prague) but you cannot specify street number (Vinohradska 12, Prague).

   You can also find several services in personalized Google maps, for example Hotel Prague. Google maps are also good place to plan route by car, see Berlin to prague sample.

Seznam - Czech map server is the most known Czech map server. The web site does not have English interface, you must write Czech names (Praha instead of Prague). Site has better databases than Google maps - You can find exact location of any address in Czech republic and a satellite map of Czech has better resolution than the photos on Google.

   The Mapy server can be also used to find services in some location, but only in Czech, for example Hotel Karlovy Vary or Restaurace Liberec

Well known places in Czech republic on Google map

Czech Prague Karlovy Vary