London (UK) - Prague (Prag, Praha, Czech)

Train and bus from London to Prague and back

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   Go to London to Prague and Prague to London - Train and bus timetables. There are about 4 direct bus lines and several train lines with change in Berlin/Bruxelles/München/Strasbourg/Karlsruhe .
   The train way from is 1400-1500km and takes about 16-19 hours.
   The bus way from London to Prague is 1270km and takes about 19hours.

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Praha - London Train timetable with connection schema and prices in CZK/EUR (only Czech version).

Praha - Londýn Air tickets Prague - London with prices in CZK (only Czech version).

Route from London to Prague with route directions on Google maps

The way from London to Prague by car is about 1284 km (800 miles) and takes about 12 hours 30 mins. See Prague to london and London to Prague on Google maps.